The Wisdom Factor: Reducing Bias, Threat to Build A Better World

Darnell Lattal



The Wisdom Factor, as presented in this talk at the 2023 Michigan Autism Conference, explores the consequences of our actions, highlighting the subtle quality of wisdom and its impact on our lives. Drawing from the science of learning, it challenges audiences to reflect on what influences their choices, manage conflicts, address biases, and cultivate personal growth. Through stories, examples, and practical tips, the presentation encourages individuals to consider how they can change limiting conditions to positively impact the world.

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The Wisdom Factor is what happens after we take action. We measure others by this subtle quality, noting its absence and enjoying its presence. Everyday words and actions in various circumstances may produce wise outcomes. Because of our learning histories, knowing and doing what will produce good for others and ourselves is sometimes difficult. Based on the science of learning, this presentation challenges the audience to consider what influences our choices. How can we increase our comfort in addressing conflicts surrounding us? Manage our behavioral triggers to emotional cues? What helps us become the kind of person we want to become? How do we deal with the biases and prejudices of others? Is there a positive social cascade of effects if we learn to act with greater care? The principles in this presentation are of no practical value if they do not cause us to think about experiences we have had to affect better outcomes. We are wise and not wise; we do things right as we see them and yet, may have many regrets. Through stories and examples, with a few practice tips, let’s look at how to change the conditions that limit the potential of each of us to affect this world for good.

About the Speaker

Dr. Lattal is a behavior analyst, focusing on coercion and its fallout across educational, health, mental health, and workplace settings. After earning an M.A. in special education, she received her Ph.D. in 1980 from WVU. She spent two decades in mental health settings, addressing the suppressive effects of poverty on infant development, child abuse, effects of labeling on self-change, and literacy. In 1986 she joined Corporate Behavior Analysts, Chicago, and later CLG as a founding member, among the first OBM firms. President & CEO of Aubrey Daniels, international, later continuing that role at ABA Technologies, Inc. Currently; she is Chairperson of the Board of ABA Tech. She has published seven books and written in refereed journals and magazines on learning, safe practices, and advancing the human condition. A 30-year member of ABAI and currently serves as a Director of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies. In 1994, Darnell was recognized at the White House for work on reducing violence in America. Awarded a WVU distinguished graduate and a lifetime achievement in Organizational Behavior Management from ABAI in 2019. Currently in Hilton Head Island, SC, and Morgantown, WV, with her husband, Andy. They have three children and seven grandchildren.

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Darnell Lattal
The Wisdom Factor: Reducing Bias, Threat to Build A Better World
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