Matter of Great Consequence: The Standard Celeration Chart

Richard M. Kubina Jr.
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Recent investigations reveal a high error rate in the construction of linear graphs within fields like behavior analysis and special education, impacting critical aspects such as analysis and decision-making. The Standard Celeration Chart is presented as a significantly more effective alternative, promising to enhance the quality of data visualization, precision in metrics, and analytics for treatments, especially for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). From the 2017 Michigan Autism Conference.

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The most popular time series visual display used in practice and research is the linear graph. Recent inquiry into fields such as behavior analysis and special education demonstrates widespread variability with how practitioners and researchers construct graphs. One study showed an 85% error construction rate across approximately 4,400 line graphs. Graphs serve a critical function for people receiving treatment: analysis, interpretation, decision making, and communication of results. The Standard Celeration Chart offers a solution at least 10x better than nonstandard linear graphs for all of the previously listed outcomes. All people with ASD who receive treatment across time deserve the most responsive and information-rich statistical graphic available. The following presentation will provide reason and evidence showing how the Standard Celeration Chart offers high caliber visual representations of data and precision metrics and analytics. Better data analysis fosters sound decision making and accelerated achievement of outcomes.

About the Speaker

Dr. Richard (Rick) Kubina has a bachelor’s degree (psychology) from Youngstown State University, a master’s and a doctoral degree (special education) from The Ohio State University. Kubina is a Professor of special education at The Pennsylvania State University and co-founder of Chartlytics. Kubina has published multiple research articles, books, and book chapters on evidence-based education and measurement of student progress. Kubina has consulted with school districts and charter schools using Precision Teaching, effective practice methods, and other measurably superior educational programs.

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  1. Avatar

    Really interesting points to be made. I’m surprised ABA is so far behind other scientific fields in not having a standard measurement and visual display of data.

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  2. Avatar

    Informative. A+

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  3. Pam

    Worth the time to hear this content!!!

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  4. Avatar

    Ditto from above. The talks were different but drove home some of the same points.

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