Acquisition of Intraverbal Behavior: Teaching Children with Autism to Mand for Answers to Questions

Einar T. Ingvarsson & Tatia Hollobaugh
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Read the following article and pass a 7-question quiz on it:

Ingvarsson, E. T., & Hollobaugh, T. (2010). Acquisition of intraverbal behavior: Teaching children with autism to mand for answers to questions. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 43(1), 1-17.

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To earn credit, you will be required to read the article and pass a 7-question quiz about it. You can retake the quiz as many times as needed, but you will not receive exactly the same questions each time.


Four boys with autism were taught via echoic prompting and constant prompt delay to mand for answers to questions by saying “I don’t know please tell me” (IDKPTM). This intervention resulted in acquisition of the IDKPTM response for all 4 participants and in acquisition of correct answers to most of the previously unknown questions for 2 participants. For 1 participant, tangible reinforcement resulted in increased frequency of correct answers, and direct prompting of correct answers was eventually conducted for the final participant. The IDKPTM response generalized to untargeted unknown questions with 3 participants. Results of person and setting generalization probes varied, but some generalization eventually occurred for all participants following additional training or interspersal of probe trials with training trials.

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21 reviews for Acquisition of Intraverbal Behavior: Teaching Children with Autism to Mand for Answers to Questions

Based on 21 reviews
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  1. Laurent Plaisimond

    I love the extra step of asking for the unknown information and am happy I could glean important information from this reading.

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  2. Avatar

    I appreciated this apporach to manding and find it an important topic to continue researching.

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  3. Avatar

    Manding is so important. Thank you for this.

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  4. Riley Moncrief

    Great article on specific Mand training ideas

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  5. Avatar

    I have had issues a couple of times with generalization of IDK to known questions with my clients. This article helped me in that area. Questions are fair and price is more than fair.

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