Establishing a Deictic Relational Repertoire in Young Children

Timothy M. Weil, Steven C. Hayes, & Philip Capurro
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Weil, T. M., Hayes, S. C., & Capurro, P. (2011). Establishing a deictic relational repertoire in young children. The Psychological Record, 61, 371-390.

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Perspective-taking skills have been shown to be pivotal in a variety of social and interpersonal interactions. A better understanding of the process involved in building such a repertoire could be beneficial in a wide variety of language and social skills training programs. A relational frame theory approach to perspective taking involves a focus on deictic relations, such as I-You, Here-There, and Now-Then. The present study examined the effect of operant contingencies on deictic relational responding in 3 normally developing young (57 to 68 months old) children. In a multiple baseline across persons and tasks format, I-You, Here-There, and Now-Then deictic relational frames were successfully shaped as operant behavior. As the children acquired deictic relational frames at the Reversed and Double-Reversed levels, the children’s performance on traditional perspective-taking measures generally increased.

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20 reviews for Establishing a Deictic Relational Repertoire in Young Children

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    I’ve always enjoyed reading and analyzing research articles. I like that I am now able to gain CEUs for reading and better understanding certain areas in the field of ABA.

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    Interesting article.

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  3. Anon1

    Very helpful in terms of potential implementation with clients.

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  4. Riley J Moncrief

    Good article

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Weil et al. (2011)
Establishing a Deictic Relational Repertoire in Young Children
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